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Since 1978, the law office of Grantland & Abel Attorneys at Law has provided excellent legal services to our customers in Medford, OR, and beyond. Our legal team specializes in a variety of legal areas, including litigation, real estate law, trusts, and more. Our attorneys have the knowledge and ability to provide high-quality legal representation. We’ll fight for your case and won’t stop until you’re satisfied. 


Agriculture Law

Business & Commercial Law

Construction Law/Disputes

Transportation Law


Elder Law

Religious Law

Administrative/DMV Law

Litigation Law

You never need to feel alone when you’re facing a legal civil battle. Our legal representatives of Grantland & Abel Attorneys at Law are experienced and driven to successfully represent clients during litigation disputes. These include disputes involving:

Real Estate



Criminal Defense


Probate & Estate Issues

Criminal Law

Don’t face criminal charges alone in any circumstance, but especially not when it involves your family. Trust our attorneys to walk you through legal issues, no matter the specifics. Whether you need defense regarding reckless driving, drug possession, or something more severe, you and your family can count on us to fight for your case nonstop. Call us if you’re facing any of these charges:


Drug Possession

Reckless Driving

School Zone Offenses

Prescription Drug Possession

Traffic Offenses

Sex Crimes


Aggravated Assault



Domestic Violence

White-Collar Crime



Weapon Offenses

Real Estate Law

Buying property is exciting, but because these purchases are some of the largest financial investments of our lives, you want to make sure you have an attorney with experience in real estate law on your side. We’re familiar with the financial and legal factors associated with residential and commercial real estate transactions, so get in touch with us regarding your upcoming purchase. We specialize in:

Purchase & Sale Agreements


Land Sale Contracts

Document Review

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Put your trust in Grantland & Abel Attorneys at Law for respectable, high-quality legal service. Whether you’re in the middle of a legal dispute or want assistance preparing wills and trusts, our legal representatives are the best choice in Jackson County to provide you with the service you need to protect you and your family. Call us today to schedule your initial consultation and meet with our trusted attorneys.